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Available chip breakers

14 available chip breaker

BTN Parting off chip breaker

Grooved parting off edge with reinforced flanks. The deep and spacious chip-trough gives excellent chip control. Efficient on almost all materials.


Grooved cutting edge. Horizontal turning edges with parallel chip breakers. The precision ground micrograin insert is recommended especially for heat resistant alloys.

BTNX-Semi finishing

Grooved cutting edge. Horizontal turning edges with parallel chip breakers. The TIN-coated cermet insert is recommended for high speed finishing. The insert can be used universally.
The grade KM TILOX is recommended for semi finishing to roughing machining.

ALU chip breaker

Horizontal ground cutting edge. The flat chip chamber conveys chips at high speed.
Recommended for:
Nonferrous heavy metals, machining steels, thinwalled parts, unstable components and pipes.

IT Classic chip breaker

Horizontal, chamfered parting off edge with reinforced flnks and large chip breaker. To be used universally and especially on interrupted cuts.

CTDS-Super finishing

Chamfered cutting edge and sharply ground turning edges. Excellent chip control even on turning with small cutting depths.


Chip breaker: Especially developed for effective chip flow when face grooving.
Insert: Developed for machining of stainless and alloys steels.
Clearance: Especially for face grooving.
To be used as well for radial grooving and parting off


Grooved cutting edge and wave shaped turning edges. Chip control even when  machining high alloy steels and stainless steels.


Grooved cutting edge and wave shaped turning edges. Chip control even when machining high alloy steels and stainless steels.

OTXS-Semi finishing

Ground top rake with 0° rake angle. Recommended for cast materials and for customers applications.


Precision ground full radius insert. Horizontal cutting edge with parallel chip breaker. The micrograin insert is especially recommended for heat resistant alloys.


Full radius insert. The horizontal cutting edge with its chip breaker rips makes short chips on almost all materials.

VTNS-Roughing to finishing

Horizontal cutting edge with V-shaped chip breaker. Horizontal turning edges with large chip spaces to allow deep cuts. Especially recommended for carbon steels, low alloy steels and free cutting materials.

XTNS-Roughing to finishing

A 9° declining major cutting edge with a reinforcing chamfer and a 24° positive entry to the chip former, achieve excellent chip control especially on difficult to cut materials. The minor cutting edges with 16° positive entry angle achieve efficient profile turning creating clean surfaces.
Although the insert has been developed for universal cutting and turning, parting off tests with KM TILOX proved excellent tool life on stainless steels, e.g. 1.4404 (X2 CrNiMo1810). Therefore the insert is also recommmended for stainless steel parting off.
The best tool life on parting off hexagon material 1.4571 Ø 38 has been 409 pcs so far. This could be increased to an amazing 678 pcs with the same speeds.
(Vc: 60 m/min; f: 0,05 mm/Rev.)