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Product enlargements

Product enlargement

OTX4 IR 11 W
System P92 P

The new OTX4 IR 11 W is a precision insert to cut 11 threads per inch for internal threading.

F00000 30 15 00
System F92

The new pre-ground insert has the width of 30 mm and enlarges the range of the semi finished inserts for profile inserts.

C92 R/L D 200 300
System P92 2

The new cartridges for face grooving holders with cartridges are available for the widths 3 mm and 4 mm. They enlarge the product range of cartridges for the diameter range Dmin 200 mm till Dmax 300 mm.

F16 R/L 2525 M40 42

The holder with the shank size 25 mm x 25 mm completes the product range for the cutting width of 4 mm.

System P92

  • All insert widths are available in PM NANOSPEED 
  • New inserts widths with special surfaces and treatments are available with the new SPEED-coatings
    Carbospeed | Hardspeed | Hyperspeed | Nanospeed | Nirospeed

P92 CXCBL...14
Holders for parting off, grooving and turning

  • New holder variants for inserts widths 1,5 mm, 2,0 + 2,5 mm for cutting depths to 14 mm.

TWIN blade for parting off

  • Enlargement of the blades range with inserts widths 5,0 and 6,0 mm.

P92 TMS 52
TWIN blade for parting off

  • Big parting off blades for insert widths 8,0 mm and 10,0 mm with a blade height 52,6 mm.
  • Fitting tool blocks are new in the procuct range.