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SAVE THE DATE | AMB 2024 Stuttgart
We are there and look forward to your visit!
Hall 1, stand A02

Visit by Mayor Richard Rossel on the occasion of the location anniversary in Zella-Mehlis.

We are celebrating 30 years in Zella- Mehlis... from the beginnings in Kohlenmagazin to our current location in Gewerbestraße!

GripLock NEWS 2024

MULTICUT 4 EXTENDED inserts and fitting toolholders for precision-, radiusform, face grooving and special applications up to 6,5 mm width | P92 System - boring bars with direct coolant and short extension | P92 P System - radiusform inserts + special applications and fitting toolholders with cutting width 8 mm | Coating upgrades CARBOSX2 and HARDSX3 - advantages through HiPIMS coating process


NEW | PROMO Select | P92 LTNN

Inserts for parting off
10 inserts + 1 holder from 159,- €
Secure high feed rates and very good chip breaking when parting off at an absolutely favourable price.
Find out more in the flyer.


Update for the P92P- System (PRECISION cutting). In 2024 we will provide new solutions up to width 8mm including new toolholders and boring bars.
You need more informations or you already have an inquiry for this application? Just contact Tailor made solutions- KEMMER Hartmetallwerkzeuge GmbH (



Webinars for GripLock products

The repertoire includes various themes, tailored to your needs.Simply select a topic.
Click here for the webinar topics.


F92 - Profiling System | Tool holder update
New tool holder for tailor made inserts or blanks up to 30 mm cutting width.

GripLock | New Products | Update 2022-2023
MULTICUT 4 Profiling inserts for finishing and back turning | Holders with internal cooling: Ø 42-56 mm, fache grooving and optimized for STV and STD inserts | FLEX FIX inserts with high performance grade| GLM Adapter for C92 face grooving cartridges | Tailor made solutions are our strength - challenge us!

GLM C92 Adapter for face grooving cartridges for PSC or HSK holders with cutting widths of 3 mm and 4 mm and cutting depths of 15 mm.


NEW | MULTICUT4 Decolletage
Profile turnig insert for back turning in tight areas. Roughing and finishing with average cutting depths (ap = 1-2 mm).
Perfect chipping in steel and alloyed steel.
More information in our leaflet


NEW | MULTICUT 4 - ISO Profiling Inserts for finishing
Tight and narrow cutting areas, face turning / thread clearance, difficult materials such as titanium or
aluminum alloys and components with high surface quality.
More Information in our leaflet.

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