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We are celebrating 30 years in Zella- Mehlis... from the beginnings in Kohlenmagazin to our current location in Gewerbestraße!

Webinars for GripLock products

The repertoire includes various themes, tailored to your needs.Simply select a topic.
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NEW | Promo P92 Boring Bars
For internal grooving and turning. We grant a 20 % discount on the net price on all boring bars of the P92 and P92-K system.

F92 - Profiling System | Tool holder update
New tool holder for tailor made inserts or blanks up to 30 mm cutting width.

GripLock | New Products | Update 2022-2023
MULTICUT 4 Profiling inserts for finishing and back turning | Holders with internal cooling: Ø 42-56 mm, fache grooving and optimized for STV and STD inserts | FLEX FIX inserts with high performance grade| GLM Adapter for C92 face grooving cartridges | Tailor made solutions are our strength - challenge us!

GLM C92 Adapter for face grooving cartridges for PSC or HSK holders with cutting widths of 3 mm and 4 mm and cutting depths of 15 mm.


NEW | MULTICUT4 Decolletage
Profile turnig insert for back turning in tight areas. Roughing and finishing with average cutting depths (ap = 1-2 mm).
Perfect chipping in steel and alloyed steel.
More information in our leaflet


NEW | MULTICUT 4 - ISO Profiling Inserts for finishing
Tight and narrow cutting areas, face turning / thread clearance, difficult materials such as titanium or
aluminum alloys and components with high surface quality.
More Information in our leaflet.

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