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The BTNN Topseller is available with cutting widths from 1.5 mm to 4 mm as neutral,
right and left types. For each material there are fitting carbide grades and coatings.

BTNN Catalogue page (PDF 275,48 KB)


CTDS - a unique chip breaker! Its minor edges for turning
create short chips and excellent surfaces. An evergreen. Absolutely.

CTDS catalogue page (PDF 392,82 KB)


The MTNS chip breaker represents the absolute No. 1 for cutting and turning.
Each chipping problem can be solved with the large variety of grades and coatings.

MTNS catalogue page (PDF 338,97 KB)


The choryphae in parting-off with the absolutely best price-performance ratio.
PM CARBOSPEED coating represents the state of the art technology in machining steels (ISO blue).

SCTD catalogue page (PDF 449,52 KB)


Recommended applications: turning, semi finishing and finishing.
The perfect choice for tight and narrow machining conditions.


STV catalogue page (PDF 417,09 KB)


This complex geometry has unique characteristics,
which allows to solve even very difficult cutting problems.

XTNS catalogue page (PDF 339,01 KB)

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