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PROMO | System P92 | Boring bars | Internal grooving and turning

On the occasion of our 20th anniversary at the location Gewerbestraße in Zella-Mehlis you receive
20 % discount * on all boring bars of our Systems P92 and P92-K untill 30. September 2023.

* Discount applies to your current net price.

download here

F92 | Profiling System | Tool holder update

Range expansion of holder for tailor made inserts or blanks up to 30 mm cutting width.


GripLock | NEW PRODUCTS | Update 2022-2023

The development is progressing. Here is a brief overview of the innovations included.

  • 4 edges MULTICUT 4 profiling inserts for finishing and back turning
  • Holders with internal cooling Ø 42-56 mm and face grooving
  • Holders with internal cooling optimized for STV and STD inserts
  • FLEX FIX inserts, one edge, with the new high performance KS140 grade for excellent tool life in steel and stainless materials
  • GLM | GripLock Modular adapter for face grooving C92 cartridges
  • Tailor made solutions are our strength - Challange us!

You can find all new GripLock products here in a compact brochure.

GripLock Pricelist 2022

Our new GripLock pricelist, valid from 1st of October 2022.


GLM C92 | Adapter for face grooving C92

This adapter ist developed for face grooving with C92 cartridges. It is available for PSC and HSK holders to machine cutting widths of 3 mm and 4 mm and cutting depths of 15 mm.
Download PDF


MULTICUT 4 - DECOLLETAGE | Profiling insert for back turning

Back turning operations in tight areas are no longer a problem with this insert. The MULTICUT 4 Decolletage insert is used for roughing and finishing with avarage cutting depths (ap = 1-2 mm) and has perfect chipping.
The insert is recommended for steel and alloyed steel.


MULTICUT 4 - ISO | Turning inserts for Finishing

The new four-edged inserts from the MULTICUT 4 series are ISO contour turning inserts for narrow contours that are difficult to access
(e.g. close to the workpiece chuck). Finishing operations / contour machining with low cutting depths, face turning / undercuts, difficult materials such as titanium or
Aluminum alloys and components with high surface quality are further advantages of these plates.

Convince yourself and test these plates for your application.



Machine holders - tailor made solutions

Special tooling is our strength! Please take a look in our new Flyer "Machine holders tailor made soutions" and don´t hesitate to contact and challenge us. 

STV - new flyer

STV - optimal insert for grooving and copying


GripLock Catalogue 2020

The new interactive GripLock catalog with tools and inserts for grooving, turning, grooving and parting off, surface grooving, precision grooving, circular milling, form grooving, hard machining, holders with internal cooling, special tools and special inserts.


Individual solutions - special tooling

Special tooling is our strength! Please take a look in our new Flyer and don´t hesitate to contact and challenge us. 


Reinforced parting-off blades

What are the advantages of reinforced cuting-off blades? And where does it make sense to use plane-parallel cuting-off blades? Our new flyer "Technical advice parting-off technique" will inform you


Product returns

Detailed Informations about product returns

Megacut prices 2022

Our new Megacut prices, valid from 1st of January 2022.

Megacut Catalogue 2018

The new "Megacut Catalogue 2018" is now available! A couple of new items and proved tools as well - please take a look: