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The perfect grooving and cutting system for many applications

  • Parting off and grooving
  • Threading
  • Precision grooving
  • Full radius grooving
  • Special profiles

Vertical positioned inserts are well known. However, the segmented MULTICUT 4 inserts represent the new state of art technology. This improved development features a lot of advantages.

  • Perfect power and form actuated clamping
  • Reinforced solidity of insert suppresses vibrations. Achieves high and consistant tool life. Maintains reliability on cutting operations.
  • Reinforced are of the cutting edge grants stability.
  • In case a cutting edge is damaged all other edges can be used independently
  • Precise re-positioning when changing cutting edges
  • Fast and safe fixing in pocket
  • Only 1 insert pocket for many inserts for different cutting operations
  • New cutting geometry

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